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Beth has an annual report she needs to get out every year around this time, and being the nice guy I am I was very supportive and helpful around the house during this time.

As a reward for being a good boyfriend, Beth organized a Super Secret Fun Date Night Night for the two of us. She didn’t tell me where we were going, just that there would be 3 stops, dinner would not be the first, and that I should clear my schedule between 6:20pm-midnight on Saturday.

With that said, I’m going to take you through the evening with the two of us here. This is Operative Super Secret Fun Date Night! Go!

The couple, dressed to impress

Beth and I put on our pretties, and then headed out into the heat and humidity of the night. The mid-west has been hit with unseasonably (and often record-breaking) hot and humid weather lately, so we dressed fancy but cool.

Beth had us hop on the Brown line and head off to the Diversey stop. I’m a little familiar with the area, having a good friend who lives over here. However, Beth surprised me completely with our first stop for – wait for it – massages!

Stop #1: Massage Envy

An hour long full-body massage was how we started our evening off. Beth and I have had some wicked rough weeks this last month or so. Even with the joyous occasions, it’s been a lot of work. Plus the not-so-joyous occasions, and the added workloads at the office (plus all of the comic work I’ve been playing catch up on), it’s safe to say we’ve both been super stressed out.

And if you want to release stress, massages are a great way to get started.

Beth originally wanted to schedule a couples massage, but for some reason we couldn’t do that here. We were taken to our separate rooms and treated to some soothing music, and low lighting while someone worked out our knots and stress. It was a great way to relax, and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep.

After the massages, we started walking down Diversey towards Halstead. Beth had to make a quick call to confirm an address, but not too long later we came across stop #2: Tandoor Indian Cuisine!

Stop #2: Tandoor Indiana Cuisine

I’m a fan of spicy food, and don’t get to have Indian food nearly enough. This place is newer, and the owner was actually the one who greeted us at the door. An incredibly fragrant establishment (but most Indiana places are – it’s the delicious spices!), Beth and I were having difficulty deciding what to order because it all looked so good!

Luckily, the menu has “chef’s favorites” starred, so you know what the place is known for. Beth order some vegetarian meals, and I got some lamb dishes. Add to this some garlic naan, and the complimentary salad and you’ve got yourself a meal fit for a king!

Oh yeah…there were leftovers.

Beth poses with the meal

The happy (and full) couple

Beth had said we had to leave dinner around 9:20pm in order to hit our third and final stop. As we headed back towards the brown line, I had to admit I thought we were going to go see a movie – and my fingers were crossed for Brave, since I haven’t seen it yet. However, Beth threw me for a loop once again.

We started heading back towards our home stop, away from the city – and away from movie theaters. As we went into our apartment to drop off the leftovers, we started heading down Lincoln towards. My mind started racing with what was over this way that would require a reservation: A special dessert place? Trivia night at a bar? I had no idea where she was taking me.

Low and behold, we arrived at our third and final stop of the evening: Fizz Bar

Stop #3: Fizz Chicago for Bye-Bye Liver, performed by the Pub Theater Company

Apparently on Fridays and Saturdays, Fizz Bar has a live interactive show called Bye-Bye Liver. It’s part comedy act, part drinking game. And the place was crowded (specifically with young women having their bachelorette parties). The second floor is a theater, with a slightly elevated stage and bar stools set up around some tables. There were easily 70-90 people crammed into this upper area, which was in desperate need of more air conditioning.

However, when the show actually started, the good times were had. The show was hilarious! I don’t want to spoil the show, but there were skits and fun drinking trivia games where the whole audience participated. Beth and I ordered a pitcher of something cold and fruity and sat back to enjoy the show. It was a total blast, and a great way to end the evening of Super Secret Fun Date Night.

Upon arriving home, Beth casually mentioned we should do this more often. ie: the next one I should plan out. Not sure how I would top an evening like this, but I’m willing to give it the ol’ college try.

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