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So several people have been e-mailing me asking me what’s up. This site (which used to update 2 webcomics during the week, reviews every week, and then blog posts every other week) has gone from basically updating every day of the week to updating sparatically. I apologize for this. Allow me to shed some light on what’s been going on in the background.

First and foremost, I’m still hard at work on the Albert the Alien webcomic series launching sometime in March of this year. Not only am I scripting the first four issues before we launch, but I’m also trying to build the site myself – something I’ve never tried to do before.

Additionally, Gabe and I are putting the finishing touches on the RWP volume 2 pages. That book is slated to come out sometime late this year.

This project is going to be my primary focus this year in terms of comics. And let me tell you, it’s going to be AWESOME.

I’ve also been plugging away at wedding planning. We’re about 9 months out from the date, and already we have secured our reception hall, DJ, church, bridal party, and hotel. In the next month or so I’m trying to finalize contracts with the photographer, rent my tux, and finish up any number of other things that I’m not even aware need doing yet.

Because of the wedding, I am doing less convention appearances this year. However, I may supplement that with some additional library and in-store appearances. We shall see. Below is the currently confirmed list of guest appearances in 2013:

Anime Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI
February 15-17

Chicago, IL
April 26-28

Rosemont, IL
May 17-19

Anime Mid-West
Rosemont, IL
July 5-7

Anime Iowa
Coralville, IA
July 26-28

Wizard World Chicago
Rosemont, IL
August 8-11

On top of the regular comic projects and the pending ones, I’ve also been working on some other projects. Some of which I can talk about, and others I’m not allowed to mention yet.

The first is the Top Cow Talent Hunt, which ended in December. Top Cow has said they will be announcing the winners (2 writers, 2 artists) sometime in February. However, with 1,100 entries to go through, it’s likely this process may take a while. I have my fingers crossed that my pitches win, but we shall see. I’ll likely post some details on my pitch submissions sometime in the near future for reference and learning.

Additionally, I have some other top-secret pitches I’m working on. Since I’m not planning to do a lot of self-publishing this year (I’m trying to afford a wedding and launching a webcomic, after all), I need to find some other ways to get my name in print this year. And these other pitches will hopefully accomplish just that.

And this will be the first official announcement on the internet…. After 3 wonderful years at OMG, I have been offered an opportunity at another agency working on a high profile account. It’s a promotion, which means more pay but more responsibility.

A new challenge and an opportunity for advancement was something I just couldn’t pass up, so while it’s a little bitter sweet that I’m leaving my current agency, I am excited (and frightened) by the prospects that await me in this new opportunity.


I appreciate all of the support you have shown me over the years, and I appreciate your continued support as I tackle what will likely be a very rewarding but challenging year.

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