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So, it’s been a crazy week. I’m recovering from the Norovirus (a horrible, painful stomach bug), which has definitely made things complicated. However, it hasn’t slowed me down, and that’s a good thing.

Enough about being sick. Let’s talk about awesome stuff going on:

I start my new job on Monday. I’m super excited for this challenging opportunity and advancement. I don’t normally talk about work on my blogs, so don’t expect any details, but I like to keep you guys in the loop on the goings on in my life. This is obviously a big change, and hopefully a positive opportunity.

Art and Franco launched their Kickstarter campaign for Aw Yeah Comics, a new kid-friendly self-published comic line that will be distributed through their store (and online and at conventions). In less than 24 hours, they already raised their goal of $15k, and now on day three they are blowing away their push goals in incredible and amazing ways!

If you like funny books, all-ages comics, or want to support some really awesome creators, definitely support their efforts. Below is the video.

I’m continuing to plug away on the scripts, as well as the website. The scripts are coming quick and easy, but the website is something new for me. I’m struggling in a few areas, but should have this thing ready to launch in time for the webcomic to go live in March.

If you check it out now it won’t look like much. Content will obviously be king, but I also want the site to have a pleasing visual look to it, and make it super easy to navigate. It’s a work in progress.

I’m gearing up for my first appearance this year, Anime Milwaukee! I’ll be a guest along with friends and fellow comic creators Russell Lissau (Shrek, Strawberry Shortcake) and Alan Evans (Rival Angels).

It’s a fun way to start the year, so I hope to see you guys there! I’m going to be telling some new stories in panels, as well as having a grand ol’ time with attendees throughout the weekend.

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