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Progress is being made on the Albert the Alien webcomic front, still pacing to launch late this month. The scripts for the first three issues is done, and I’m still plugging away on issue 4 script – which would conclude the first story arc. Gabe is hard at work on the art duties, and the pages he’s turning in are looking nothing shy of AMAZING.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a preview:

We held a little auction to have fans appear in the first issue, which was pretty successful. We may continue to sell some appearances in some of the later issues, if there’s interest.

Additionally we’re working hard on the website. I was going to try to do this thing myself, but my time has become rather limited lately so I had to outsource. But,I have outsourced to the best. My goal is to keep the functionality of the site basic, so it’s easy to navigate.

There will be several sections available at launch:
1) ABOUT: A section about Albert the Alien, as well as the creators – myself and Gabe.
2) CAST: A page that lists out the major players in the plot, so it’s easily accessible to new readers on the fly
3) STORE: There will be a store available at launch, so fans can pick up the currently printed self-published stories. As well as some other goodies Gabe and I will be selling. Gabe will also be selling commissions for limited periods of time through the store, and we will make announcements when those are available

Again, trying to keep it pretty simple and easy to navigate out the door. I’m sure we’ll add some more pages as time goes on.

While we continue to work on the website, feel free to check out the Official Facebook Page for Albert the Alien. Once the landing page is up and running, I’ll be providing links to that as well.


I have a few appearances coming up in the next few months:

1) C2E2
Chicago, IL
April 26-28

I’ll be running the Reading with Pictures booth in small press, selling copies of the anthology as well as Albert the Alien. We will also be doing a live reading on Sunday on the Variant Stage from the new anthology, as well as some new Albert the Alien material.

2) Free Comic Book Day

Pretty sure I’ll be returning to Comix Revolution in Mount Prospect, IL. I’ve been there the last two years, and have done pretty well for myself at the show. Additionally, they let me DJ the event – so there’s good tunes while you check out the books in the store!

Rosemont, IL
May 17-19

I’ll be returning to Anime Central for the 5th year in a row as a guest of honor. I love this show. It’s seriously my favorite show to attend throughout the year, and we’ll have some big announcements, fun panels, new stories to share, and yes – comic-related hijinks throughout the entire weekend! Look for me in artist alley during the day, and then I’ll be doing panels at night. Hope to see you there!

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