Albert the Alien Chapter 1 Page 13

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It’s Friday, and that means an epic reveal in the latest pages of Albert the Alien!

BEHOLD! The alien school supplies have assimilated the other Earth supplies to form a Mecha School-Supply Monster! They have decided to take over our educational system and clearly have a very different (and more scary) teaching style than what we are accustomed to on our planet. However, their actions appear to even be surprising Albert. So this is not a common activity for them. And perhaps we’ll find out why…but later.

Gabe did a fantastic job taking every day items we see in a classroom and using them as components to make a machine of awesome educational power. I do not often tell Gabe how to design anything – so it’s always a refreshing surprise when I see what he comes back with on a new character like this. And I think he hit it out of the park with this one.

So now the kids have to figure out how to defeat this monstrous machine of educational awesome – and save the school – before the end of the day. Can they do it? Find out as we continue to update every Wednesday and Friday!


We’re a little more than half through the first issue story arc, and we’re putting the finishing touches on issue 2. However, we have an opportunity for you (or someone you know) to appear in the next issue!

If so, we have a small number of openings available:

1) A teacher – $25 speaking roll
2) A student – $25 speaking roll
3) 3 background characters (we will identify you by putting your name on your shirt) – $10 non-speaking roll

The original art for the pages can also be made available at an additional cost (please reach out if interested).

Please contact Trevor or Gabe by June 7. These opportunities are first-come first-serve.

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