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Ah young love.

Gerty is laying it on thick for Draven, who again seems to be a bit clueless. But when asked about her brother – who’s the first human exchange student in space – she talks about her dreams of going to space one day, too. Draven likes that she dreams big.

I’ve always been a fan of dreamers – heck, I am one myself. However, there’s one thing to dream about doing things, and it’s another to work towards making them happen. And Gerty falls in the later category. She doesn’t just dream about going to space – she’s working to make sure she can go there one day. This is why she builds model ships, why she studies hard and why school is so important to her. And also probably why she likes hanging out with Albert – he’s been there before, and he can help her achieve her dream someday.

What dreams did you have growing up?

This weekend, April 3-5, I’ll be a first-time Featured Artist at Anime Boston! It’s going to be a fun weekend in a few town meeting new friends, and I’m very excited for it. I’ll be set up in the Featured Artist row (just to the left of the entrance) at Table #2, and I’ll have some panels throughout the weekend:

FRIDAY (4/3):
SELF-PUBLISHING 101: 4:00 PM in Hynes-Panel 202


Hope to see you there!

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