Homelife Chapter 11 Page 2

Albert and his friends – Gerty, Martin, and Miranda – are all in the family room, sleeping bags ready for a night of hanging out! But what activities are they going to do? We’ll [...]


Homelife Chapter 11 Page 1

Albert has gotten the alien communication device working, and is in contact with Splurr – the alien living on Mars. But who is this alien, and what are his motivations? We’ll find out [...]


Homelife Chapter 11 Cover

And we’re back! This new chapter of Albert the Alien continues to explore his life outside of school – this one dealing with a very important coming of age ritual we all experience: [...]


New Book: Los Ojos

I have a new book coming out on January 13 (digitally; January 20 in select retailers) called LOS OJOS. This story will be release as part of the Omega Comics Presents relaunch in 2016, which is [...]


Albert the Alien Winter Break 2015 Page 6

### Albert the Alien is now on Patreon! Patreon is a crowd-funding site for on-going projects, like this webcomic you love. You get bonus content for supporting projects you enjoy, and early [...]


Albert the Alien Winter Break 2015 Page 5

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’ve sadly been neglecting this site for a bit, since we’ve been so focused on getting the Albert the Alien volume 2 books out before the holiday. We were successful [...]