2017 Goals and Objectives

 In Life

2016 was not a huge year in comics for me, but it was a huge year for life events. Beth and I bought a house and moved to the suburbs, found out we were pregnant, and then had a beautiful baby girl. I also traveled the world for work, visiting countries like Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and China.

If that wasn’t enough, I also did a bunch of awesome stuff for comics:

— LOS OJOS (Pop! Goes the Icon)
— OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS vol 2 (Pop! Goes the Icon)
Albert the Alien webcomic updated every Wed and Fri without missing a single update; and also, that Harvey Awards nomination (www.AlbertTheAlien.com)
— Over 16 convention appearances
— Zootopia prequel comic (unpublished)
— 5-7 pitches for publishers (unpublished)
— Like 12 other unpublished projects
— Several Nostalgia Critic videos, including Batman V Superman
— Several Awesome Comics episodes, including hosting the Batman ’66 debate
— Reprising my role as Lex Luther in the Channel Awesome Christmas Snydering production

— ALBERT THE ALIEN vol 3: HOME LIFE (Kickstarter will launch in February)
— More episodes of the NC and Awesome Comics, I’m sure
— Starting a video series for my Patreons, maybe syndicated on my YouTube page
— 1-2 untitled self-published graphic novels
— 3-5 pitches for publishers, minimum
— 5 convention appearances (and maybe a few panels and single-day library shows)
— I’m cutting back on cons in 2017 because of the baby, but will kick it back up again in 2018
— Maybe start a prose novel…just because

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