Trevor has won an award…for acting!

as I checked into my Twitter one day, I saw a notification that read... *WINNER* BEST MALE PERFORMANCE TREVOR MUELLER No other context, no image, no nothing. There was a link, however, and [...]

Trevor Mueller reprises his role for The Matrix 4 review!

It's been a while since I last wore this hat (or one just like it), but it was like slipping on a comfy pair of gloves I think it's been 10 years since the last time I was in a video on [...]


Awesome Comics – A Christmas Snydering

Awesome Comics Theater – A Christmas Snydering Having had a lot of fun with the Awesome Comics crew filming the previous episodes, Walter was e-mailing me about doing some other projects. [...]


Awesome Comics – Favorite Writer and Artist

Back in the day, Awesome Comics reached out to me and asked me to participate in some of their episodes. They handed me a list of their upcoming topics, and I figured – why the heck not [...]


C2E2 2017 – Convention Summary

Playing a bit of catch up on my blogging, but wanted to at least post some notes and comments from C2E2 earlier this year. I know I usually do a full convention report, but I’m hoping this [...]


Nostalgia Critic – Batman v Superman review

The Nostalgia Critic – Batman v Superman Review I got an e-mail from Doug around the time Batman v Superman was coming out – a movie I had not seen yet, but one that I had a lot of [...]


Nostalgia Critic – Mad Max Fury Road review

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD REVIEW This was a fun one. But when Doug reached out to me, I was a little nervous. He told me I’d be playing a Warboy, but they were all shirtless in the movie. Was I [...]


Nostalgia Critic – The Matrix Revolutions review

The Matrix Revolutions Review Doug went through a review month dedicated to The Matrix movies, which was a favorite series of mine (well, the first movie, anyway), but less so for Doug. [...]


Nostalgia Critic – The Last Airbender review

After appearing in the Dragonbored 5th year movie with Doug Walker, Doug found another role I could help him on: being the tolken bald guy in the Last Airbender review. It was a small role (I [...]


Nostalgia Critic – Dragonbored

DRAGONBORED A while back, I was approached by Doug Walker (the Nostalgia Critic) to appear in his 5th year movie. He had moved on from the NC, and started doing a series called Demo Reel, and he [...]

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