Convention Report: Anime Milwaukee 2020

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The only convention I did (live) in 2020.

My first (and only) live appearance in 2020 was a return to Anime Milwaukee as a guest of honor. They had a new staff, new team, new hotel, but the same old fun time. It was nice to get to see a lot of familiar faces, both from the fans who attended and returning staff members who stopped by to say hi.

I started off the weekend, as I often do, with a visit to the hotel gym. A nice solid workout starts my weekend right, builds up my energy and appetite, and gets the blood pumping for a day of standing and selling.

New books premiered.

I premiered some new books at the show as well, launching my new self published single issue book CONSUMER, and a convention exclusive bundle of single issue books (6 books in all) previewing some of the new series I’ve been working on for ages. I’ve been posting a lot about the projects in my newsletter, and also providing some previews (character designs, story breakdowns, logo designs, etc) on my patreon. The bundle sold better than I thought, having only printed 100 copies of each book in the bundle – we probably sold through half of them in this single convention appearance alone!

All in all, AMKE was a lot of fun and I hope to return again (when it’s safe to do cons again, of course). If you get the chance to go, I highly recommend attending!

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