Convention Report: Anime Milwaukee 2022

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trevor mueller amke 2022 artist alley

2022 convention season has started!

I usually start my year with a local (and fantastic) anime convention called Anime Milwaukee. It’s a short drive for me to go, and I’ve been a guest of honor all but two years the show has been running. I love this show, and thankfully they keep inviting me back!

This year was especially awesome, because I got to be joined by my good buddies Alan Evans (Rival Angels) and Russell Lissau (Old Wounds, Batman Strikes) in artist alley, reuinte with my buddy Johnny Yong Bosch (Power Rangers, Promare, Bleach, etc) and talk shop with Jason Narvy (Power Rangers), and also meet a whole slew of awesome new friends like Adam Croasdell (Final Fantasy XV, Reign, Pam and Tommy), Lizzie Freeman (Genshin Impact), and Shellanin (cosplay guest), among many more!

trevor mueller amke 2022 opening ceremonies

Panels, events, meetings, and sales…lots and lots of sales!

It was such a joy to be among people at a convention again, and see everyone – fans new and old – and talk about all the projects I’ve been working on for the last two years. I even premiered a limited edition grayscale version of the first issue of DEMON CITY! Fan reaction to it was very enthusiastic…they wanted more! So don’t worry, more is coming – and the final product will be in color!

I made a variety of packages of single issues – horror pack, a writer’s pack (complete with some scripts of some of my unpublished comics), an action pack, and a few others. The packages sold very well, and complimented my panels throughout the weekend.

I also enjoyed getting to hang out and socialize with my friends and fellow guests in the after-hours activities. They had a VIP meet and greet, which was a lot of fun, and also a dinner for the guests to get to meet and mingle among ourselves. Jason Narvy had driven up to see Johnny and myself, and we grabbed dinner one night and talked shop. They’re a great group of guys!

AMKE was a great way to start the convention season (and the year), it was great to reunite with old friends and meet new ones! And I’m excited for what the year will bring!

trevor mueller alan evans russell lissau amke 2022
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