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Troy, Mari and Cheryl are ready to fight the forces of evil

Re-Possessed is back for it’s second (and final) season on Webtoon Originals!

I have a lot of fun introducing the world to the bizzare supernatural workplace comedy Re-Possessed, which had been living in my head for many years (and in many different forms) before finally pitching it to Webtoon and getting it greenlit as a series. It was taking my love of cheesy horror movies from the 70s and 80s, and embracing the fact they’re silly by today’s standards.

It was also tapping into my love and nostalgia for teenage-era horror and action stories, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and slacker / hero protagonists like Ghostbusters and Army of Darkness. And it was also allowing me to process some experiences I’ve had in life and the retail workplace over my many years.

But mostly, it was all about the man-eating toilets!

cheryl re-possessed

What should we expect in season 2?

I’m not gonna lie, we pitched this series to be a bit longer than 2 seasons…so we’re going to cram all the crazy crap I wanted to do across all those stories into this final season! It’s going to be fun, strange, and silly in all the right ways. And also, we’re going to try to make brand safety a little uncomfortable – because why not? It’s our last go with these characters. So let’s have fun with it!

While season 1 focused a lot on possessed items, season 2 will focus more on human possession. We’ll see how this affects character’s lives, their relationships with each other, and ultimately – their destinies! Plus, more murderous toys and fun stuff in the store.

Season 2 of Re-Possessed is going to be a wild ride. Catch up on it today for free at Webtoons!

Re-possessed Troy and Mari battle golf zombies
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