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Just in time for fall (and Halloween) comes my latest Webtoon Original series!

Do you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Evil Dead / Army of Darkness? Ghostbusters? Because if you do, I have a new series you may want to check out. Re-Possessed is what I’m calling a “supernatural workplace comedy,” but Webtoon is classifying as a drama, about college kids battling demonically possessed antiques from a mysterious pawn shop.

Re-Possessed was an interesting opportunity, because it dropped into my lap months after I had submitted the pitch and they had already green lit Nexus Point. So when we got the approval on Re-Possessed as well, it was a pleasant surprise. It’s a very different kind of series from Nexus Point, but it’ll be a fun ride. Check out the series on Webtoon Originals now! It’s free!

What’s it about?

Troy Richardson needs to make some money fast! His finances have been cut off, forcing him to get his first job at a mysterious pawn shop. But Troy’s world is thrust upside down when he discovers the shop specializes in demonically possessed antiques! Now Troy has to find a way to save the world from evil spirits, killer cults, and hungry furniture – all for minimum wage!

Our story focuses on Troy’s adventures working a part-time job, saving the world for minimum wage from evil objects.

Be sure to check out the series on Webtoons. The first 3 episodes are free, and you can get early access to more episodes through Fast Pass!

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