Reading with Pictures vol 2

Reading With Pictures: Comics That Make Kids Smarter unites the finest creative talents in the comics industry with the nation's leading experts in visual literacy to create a game-changing tool [...]

Reading with Pictures vol 1

An educational comics anthology for ages 7 and up that features all-new stories by more than 50 award-winning and kid-friendly cartoonists with an introduction by Dr. Michael Bitz, founder of The [...]

Killer Queen

Nearly half a century after their iconic rise, Freddie, Brian, John, Roger and the music they made together, continue to inspire new generations of fans in every medium.

Hope: The Hero Initiative

Ronin Studios continues its acclaimed line of charity anthologies with HOPE: The Hero Initiative.

Omega Comics Presents

Bumbling bandits. A down-on-his-luck super-criminal. A hitman with demonic visions. A boy afraid of the monster under his bed. The only human girl in a class of space aliens.


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