Convention Report: Baltimore Comic Con 2018

Two years ago I attended Baltimore Comic Con, which was the second year in a row we received our Harvey Award nomination for Albert the Alien. It wasn’t that I hadn’t wanted to go the first year, [...]


Convention Report: Baltimore Comic Con 2016

I was a guest of honor (and a Harvey Award nominee) at the Baltimore Comic Con this year, which was an amazing con. I wrote a series of posts about it over at my other website, [...]


Albert the Alien – 2015 Harvey Award Nominee

Oh happy day! Albert the Alien has been nominated for a Harvey Award for BEST ONLINE COMIC! Check it out! This is such an extreme honor. There’s so much top-tier talent among these [...]


2010 Convention Schedule

Hey gang, enjoying the new website so far? A few more changes are coming as well, but so far it’s pretty awesome. Today’s @$$hole! features my convention appearance schedule for this [...]