@$$hole!: Wishing Well

Went to Ren Faire again, and wanted to try to do something a little different. Unfortunately, with a smaller group and more focus on enjoying the show instead of taking pictures (and also not [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire (part 13)

And so, with a final look into the sorted love triangle of the knights, we end our Ren Faire story arc. We find that, while the two male knights were indeed fighting over the affects of the [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 12)

So, this isn’t the end (there’s one more page), but this is the end of the fighting portion. After getting all that armor off our heads and finally being able to breathe again, the [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 11)

So Dave was the winner – in this comic, and in real life. In the comic, he cheated and won after a single round. In real life, we fought a had battle. The fight was best of 5. Dave and I [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 10)

Fighting against two different people with a helmet that limits your vision – you’re bound to lose a few times. Especially in instances like this, where you’re battling one guy [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 9)

Since you’re wearing a helmet, you can’t see so great. So when your balloon is popped you really can’t tell. Which is why the “refs” of the event have these giant [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 8)

Truth be told, none of us have ever taking fencing lessons. However, most of us have seen swashbuckling movies (or the original Conan: The Barbarian). However, trying to say that another person [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 7)

Looks like we’re establishing fighting styles here. Trevor is all about macking on the ladies, Dave is all about the cheap shots, and Josh – well, Josh is trying to block another [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 6)

Armored up and ready to go. At the time this seemed like a terrible idea, but honestly the little kid in me just couldn’t resist the urge to dress up and sword fight with my friends. [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 5)

Alright, picture this: It’s 100 degrees outside, with 90% humidity. You’re so hot and sweaty you don’t even know you’re hot and sweaty anymore. You’re clothes are [...]

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