@$$hole!: Phone Call 4

And so we find ourselves in a situation where we have inserted our foot into our mouth. Granted, it could’ve been a much funnier scene if I had the time to play with it more, but to be [...]


@$$hole!: Phone Call 3

This is a real conversation. But not a real phone call. I was having a conversation with Beth about our weekend activities, and she wanted to go out and do something. And I’m telling myself [...]


@$$hole!: Phone Call 2

The conversation here is based on one I had with my girlfriend in jest. She wanted to go do something else, and in the whiniest kid voice I could muster I started talking about the epic nature of [...]


Reading with Pictures at NYCC 2011

It’s official! Reading with Pictures takes the Big Apple in October at the New York Comic Con (NYCC). Fellow contributor Steve Wallace and myself will be manning the RWP booth in small [...]


@$$hole!: Phone Call 1

So this short arc stems from a conversation I had with myself, really. Basically, I’m one of the few people I know who likes to play a game until it’s beaten completely. They call us [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire (part 13)

And so, with a final look into the sorted love triangle of the knights, we end our Ren Faire story arc. We find that, while the two male knights were indeed fighting over the affects of the [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 12)

So, this isn’t the end (there’s one more page), but this is the end of the fighting portion. After getting all that armor off our heads and finally being able to breathe again, the [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 11)

So Dave was the winner – in this comic, and in real life. In the comic, he cheated and won after a single round. In real life, we fought a had battle. The fight was best of 5. Dave and I [...]



So I was talking to the girlfriend the other day about things we wanted to do before the weather turns that nasty cold direction, and we made a list of things we wanted to do. Then we looked at [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 10)

Fighting against two different people with a helmet that limits your vision – you’re bound to lose a few times. Especially in instances like this, where you’re battling one guy [...]

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