Temple: Assassin 32

Temple is going on a temporary hiatus for a while. Both Olivia and I thank you so much for reading and hope that you have enjoyed the stories her and I have been toiling over for the past 2 [...]


Temple: Assassin 21

Marielle starts kicking the crap out of some Bishops, showing off some of her bad ass assassin skills. ### I’m a guest of honor at ACEN this weekend (in Rosemont, Il), and I’ll be [...]


Temple: Assassin

Page 19 VOTE! A narrow escape from a beating right there, but Seymour and Marielle are not out of the woods yet. This is where the action begins, folks. Time for some ass-kicking! ### Meanwhile, [...]


More @$$hole! and Temple

The comics have been updating on time, I’ve just been swamped playing host to the greatest group of friends in the world. This past weekend was C2E2, and I had Russell Lissau, Joe Dunn, [...]


@$$hole! and Temple and laptops, oh my!

So a lot’s been going on in my world lately, and sadly I’m not able to get into details on many of the items, but there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that I find [...]


Temple Assassin 16

My Site. VOTE! We’re back to that first page, and Marielle has Seymour in her sights. What will she decide?


Temple: Assassin 14

My Site. VOTE! Anime Milwaukee was a blast. I’m totally exhausted, but had a fun time hanging out with Alan at the table and being on panels and meeting all the cool people who attended. [...]


Temple: Assassin 12

My Site VOTE! So it looks like Kidjo was delayed on his way to take out Portis, which is why Sophia and Selphi got there first (see Hikari). And since Marielle and Kidjo have met in person, this [...]


Temple: Assassin 8

My Site VOTE! Sorry gang, too busy to write up a full post here. Hoping that I start getting more time soon.


Temple: Assassin 4

My Site VOTE! Back to the old man narrator…but who could he be talking to (we’ll find out in this story)? Has he been talking to this person all along throughout the prequel stories? [...]

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