On Making Money as a Writer

I was approached by a young writer on Twitter the other day, who was struggling with expanding his career in comics. After several attempts to figure out what he specifically needed help with, we [...]


Kickstarter 2015 – Thank Yous!

Below is the list of the very awesome and supportive people who made Albert the Alien volume 2 a reality, but supporting us on Kickstarter. Without their support, Gabo and I wouldn’t be [...]


On “Writer’s Block”

A friend of mine recently posted a link to a list of things to do to overcome writer’s block. Upon reading it, however, only one of the 4 things they listed actually involved writing. It [...]


The THRILLBENT Difference

Many of you are aware that Albert the Alien updates on this site every Wednesday and Friday, and also updates on Mark Waid’s THRILLBENT site every Tuesday. For anyone unfamiliar, THRILLBENT [...]


Press and Interviews

POW! BANG! SMACK! How’s it going? It’s been an action-packed couple of weeks for me, with little sign of letting up soon. But it’s a good thing – we like it busy. Better [...]


Making of Junkyard Chase 13 – Designing the Logo

Here’s some fun bonus materials for the making of junkyard chase: the designing of the logo. I knew I wanted to use two different fonts: one for each word in the title. The word [...]


Making of Junkyard Chase 12 – The Final Product

After submitting the files to the printer you wait to receive the box. That glorious box filled with your sweat and hard work. And when it arrives you take it upstairs and it’s like your [...]


Making of Junkyard Chase 11 – Pre-press

So now that we’ve selected a printer, we sometimes find that each of them have some different requirements. In Minute Man’s case, they requested that I pre-press my .pdf documents [...]


Making of Junkyard Chase 10 – Finding a Printer

So we have our final pages (and boy do they look spiffy). Now it’s time to find someplace to print them. Being new to the production side of things, this was kind of a new process for [...]


Making of Junkyard Chase 9 – The Collaborative Process (final pages)

So Jeong and I agreed on the layout pages, and now was the time for him to move onto the pencils (and eventually, the finished pages). So Jeong went to work, and this is where the role of writer [...]