@$$hole!: Reader Mail – You’re Ugly

The argument in today’s comic is not one that has escaped me. Not that I’m unattractive – quite the opposite, in fact – but the fact that, especially with a photo comic, [...]


ACEN 2010 – Sunday

I woke up to the phone ringing at around 8:30am. “This is your breakfast wake up call,” comes a familiar voice from the other end. “Hi Russell,” I replied. “I set [...]


ACEN 2010 – Friday

Friday was the first official day of the convention, and I headed down to breakfast with Russell and Steve Horton (DC Holiday Special) at O’h (the restaurant at the Hyatt). After breakfast, [...]


ACEN 2010 – Thursday

Thursday night after work got out I grabbed my already packed (and very heavy luggage case), and headed out to the blue line to Rosemont. I was kind of beat after the long work day, but extremely [...]


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 26

My Site VOTE! Oh oh, the magical memory-loss hat is finally on sale. What havoc can Amanda spread with it? Perhaps we’ll find out in another story down the road. For now, I’m going to [...]


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 25

My Site VOTE! Awwww, looks like Amanda is totally rooting for Jess and Trevor. A happy ending after all. But wait, there’s one more page!


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 24

My Site VOTE! Amanda’s timing couldn’t be any worse! Ah, the torment! Trevor was about to get the smoochies. Also, that frog puppet on her hand is a toy that my mom got for Waffles so [...]


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 22

My Site VOTE! Things are heating up between Jess and Trevor!


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 19

My Site VOTE! It’s so true – Jess deserves better than just average. So much for Trevor trying to pull his usual “slide through and get by” tactics. Amanda’s too [...]


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 15

My Site VOTE! This was tons of fun to shoot in Lincoln Square. While shouting in the middle of the sidewalk, “I’ve forgotten how to flirt…just like I never learned how to [...]

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