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Amanda’s timing couldn’t be any worse! Ah, the torment! Trevor was about to get the smoochies.

Also, that frog puppet on her hand is a toy that my mom got for Waffles so the cat would stop clawing the hell out of me. Unfortunately, the cat doesn’t like playing with the frog puppet.

Go figure.

We’re coming up on the end of this online romantic comedy. Then we’ll go back to some illustrated stories. See what the ol’ gang’s been up to on that front.

Also, the kickstarter campaign for Reading with Pictures has started – and it’s already well on its way to its goal. Be sure to check it out and pledge for the anthology! I’ll have an 8 page story in the book, and it’s going to have some awesome artwork by the very talented Gabriel Bautista! I’ll be posting some artwork examples and story teasers in the blog eventually.

Also, I’ll be attending ACEN this year in Chicago as a guest! The show’s May 14-16, and it’s always a great time. Be sure to tell your friends and attend the convention – it’s going to be a rockin’ time!

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  • Albone

    That was a trifecta of smooth. I like Amanda’s stripey thing. Man, I hope they come back and visit some time. XD

  • Trevor

    I’m supposed to go visit them next, I think. I was going to go in March, but work’s been far too crazy for that. If I took a trip down, would you want to come with?

  • Albone

    Possibly. I love Austin and I have a few friends there.

  • Trevor

    Let me get this job thing worked out and we’ll chat about it at some cons.

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