On Making Money as a Writer

I was approached by a young writer on Twitter the other day, who was struggling with expanding his career in comics. After several attempts to figure out what he specifically needed help with, we [...]


On “Writer’s Block”

A friend of mine recently posted a link to a list of things to do to overcome writer’s block. Upon reading it, however, only one of the 4 things they listed actually involved writing. It [...]


Delays in the comics

Hey gang, I want to apologize for the lack of regular updates for @$$hole! lately. It’s not that I’ve taken a departure from comics – in fact, quite the opposite. With the [...]


Hikari 39

My Site and Drunk Duck Holy boobs!  That’s right, Sophia had to remove her dressings and her shirt in order for someone to get in there and help redress her injured ribs.  Most of that [...]


@$$hole!: Blind Date 6

My Site and Drunk Duck The waiter is played by Erica’s real-life boyfriend, Mike Ambs. Mike has worked in video editing for various websites, and recently moved to the Ann Arbor [...]