Hikari 42

My Site VOTE! It may have been difficult to see in the artwork, but the script said to show that the car was full of explosives. Hence the boom. Sophia’s assault has begun, and she’s [...]


@$$hole!: Blind Date 12

My Site and Drunk Duck VOTE! And here’s where the waiter’s true colors start to shine. He’s hinted twice now to find out if Trevor and the Cat Lady are married, and Trevor says [...]


Movie Review: District 9

Movie Review: District 9 (2009) Director: Neill Blomkamp Cast: Sharlto Copley Plot: Chances are you’ve heard of this movie, or even more than likely seen it, so I apologize in advance for [...]


@$$hole!: Blind Date 11

My Site and Drunk Duck VOTE! Oh yes…I went there. 😉 Writing this comic without the benefit of a script, outline, or beat sheet has been fun…but I fear that I may drag it on too long. [...]


Hikari 41

My Site I was working on the text and effects for this page all weekend (on top of several other projects), and just have not received enough sleep because of it. However, Sophia is certainly [...]


@$$hole!: Blind Date 10

My Site Oh man, what a week. I’m so exhausted at the moment, and I have so much left to do yet. Granted the book’s done, and I’ll hopefully have that back in early to mid [...]


@$$hole!: Blind Date 9

My Site Sorry it’s a little behind schedule. Everything was done, but I was so caught up in other things last night that I forgot to post it. Alan Evans and I are attending Mid-Ohio con now [...]


Hikari 40

My Site and Drunk Duck “That’s not my name.” I love that line from Xen. It’s hilarious to me, because it could be that he’s dodging whomever’s looking for him, [...]


@$$hole!: Blind Date 8

My Site and Drunk Duck Again with the teasing about why her and her cat (which we now know is named Ginger) are no longer together. So the question still lingers about what happened between them, [...]


Wizard World Chicago 2009

First off, let me say that Wizard World Chicago (now called Chicago Comic Con, ever since Reed stepped in with C2E2 and all of the publisher’s announced their support of the new convention. [...]

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