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2019 Upcoming Events
  1. Free Comic Book Day

    May 4 - May 6
  2. Anime Midwest

    July 5 - July 7
  3. Anime-Zing

    August 2 - August 4
  4. Wizard World Chicago

    August 22 - August 25
  5. New York Comic Con

    October 3 - October 6
Trevor Tweets you

A lot of people like to reference Joseph Campbell’s Heroes Journey (The Hero with a Thousand Faces) when talking about story and arcs. What are some other popular story arcs you like to reference?

#writing #comics #heroesjourney #books

It’s official: I’m in the @red_stylo anthology inspired by Dante’s Inferno called What Fresh Hell Is This?

I’m doing a cyber-punk take on Level 5: Wrath, which promises to pull at the heart strings while also giving tons of action!

Congrats to all the contributors!#SeeYouInHell

How about a surprise #TenThings? I saw a ton of misinformation on traditional publishing on a Facebook friend’s post, and it’s sticking in my craw. So: THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING (AND ABOUT WHICH YOU MIGHT’VE BEEN MISINFORMED).

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