Trevor Mueller reprises his role for The Matrix 4 review!

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trevor mueller as a stranger from dark city

It’s been a while since I last wore this hat (or one just like it), but it was like slipping on a comfy pair of gloves

I think it’s been 10 years since the last time I was in a video on Nostalgia Critic, and the last time I did it was for a review of The Matrix 3. So when I was talking to Doug about doing something with him again, and maybe doing a little promo for my Webtoon Original series, Nexus Point, he decided The Matrix 4 would be a great thing for us to do together.

Not only that, but Doug was kind enough to find ways to integrate Nexus Point into the review. It was so nice to hear the team talking about the comic, not just in the episode but also as we were catching up behind the scenes.

You can check out the full video review here.

The Matrix 4 Review

And speaking of behind the scenes…

I was very close with this group once upon a time, so when we got together again it was like no time had passed at all. Many jokes and laughs happened throughout the day as we filmed the review, and we even tasted a new Coke drink (which was like if cotton candy and Dr Pepper tried to make a beverage together, and it has a nasty aftertaste).

Tamara, Malcom, Doug and the rest were all great and easy to get along with. And since I’m not an actor, I’m always impressed by their craft and technique – and learned a lot while I watched them do the thing they do so well every week.

Check out the behind the scenes video here – filled with laughs, laughing, and yes – tasting that nasty Coke drink!

The Matrix 4 Bloopers

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