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trevor mueller matrix 4

Remember that time I was in a YouTube video last year?

as I checked into my Twitter one day, I saw a notification that read…


No other context, no image, no nothing. There was a link, however, and when I clicked on it, I discovered The Screenchart Channel Awards. This site apparently lists and votes on YouTube categories like outstanding editing, graphics, and video quality. So what the heck were they doing tagging me in a post?

Back in my September newsletter last year, I was launching my two Webtoon Original series and my friend Doug Walker was kind enough to help promote Nexus Point by doing a review of The Matrix 4. I reprised my role as The Stranger (from Dark City), and it was the first time working with Doug, Tamara, and Malcolm in many years – but it was a lot of fun! Malcolm even made a behind the scenes video (watch us all try Starlight Space Coke, time index 10:23).

So in my mind, this was a fun day spent with friends, and them helping to promote my Webtoon Original series. I didn’t think I did anything particularly special in this video. But low and behold, that video was what I was nominated for – AND WON!!!

So yeah, that was a pleasant surprise. And thanks to anyone who nominated me and the video. It really made my week!

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trevor mueller as a stranger from dark city