@$$hole!: Convention Season 4

 In comics

Everyone remembers Scott, my web host and the guy who (in this comic) set me up with a pantless vet and a crazy cat lady blind date.

So one for three. Not so bad. And the two that are bad are fictional. I created them. 😛

So Scott’s one of my good buddies stemming back from college, and when he wanted to come for some of the conventions I was attending. So of course I had to get him involved in the comic, because any chance I get to include my friends in this comic is something I want to take advantage of.

Convention season (in real life) is coming to a close, but I’ve gathered so many fun and zany adventures that I just had to tell this story arc. Lots of fun stuff in the works, and I’ll be sharing details on a project soon that’s coming out next year!

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