Albert the Alien chapter 3 available on Comixology

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Albert the Alien is coming at your fast and furious! Chapter 3 has gone live on Comixology, and it’s one of our best stories to date!

Albert the Alien #3

Lettered by: Gabriel Bautista, Jr.
Colored by: Gabriel Bautista, Jr.
Art by: Gabriel Bautista, Jr.
Written by: Trevor Mueller
Price: $0.99

During an astronomy project, the kids discover a large UFO headed towards Earth. If it hits, it will destroy the planet. Upon learning of this object, however, the US government panics and sends in their specialists who are suspicious of Albert, and everything not human. Getting ready to say goodbye to everyone and everything they’ve ever known, the kids prepare for the end of all life on our planet. However, at the last possible second, Albert finally gets a glimpse of the object – and what is coming is so much worse than anything the kids could have expected.

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