Convention Report: NYCC 2015

New York Comic Con (NYCC) has become the largest comic convention in the country (as of last year, 2014). It continues to be a beast of a show (in a good way), with some of the most amazing and [...]


Convention Report: Mid-Ohio Con 2015

My journey back to a fantastic convention, Mid-Ohio Con (now called Wizard World Columbus), was a little unique this year. In year’s previous, I would travel with my good friend Alan and [...]


Convention Report: Count-i-Con 2015

Every year I try to do different conventions, so as to mix up where I go and the audience I reach with my books. It also keeps things fresh for me, which is always nice to try something new. This [...]


Convention Report: Anime Iowa 2015

This past weekend was the epic weekend called Anime Iowa. I enjoy attending the smaller shows like this, since it allows more opportunity and time to connect with the fans and the other guests. [...]


Convention Report: Anime Midwest 2015

July 4th is a time of fun, family, BBQ, and explosions in the United States. That’s right, it’s independence day! But instead of celebrating my freedom in this country by blowing up a [...]


Convention Report: C2E2 2015

This past weekend was C2E2, short for Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, and it was another incredible year of awesomeness! I had a bunch of buddies come in and crash with me Thursday night, [...]


Convention Report: Anime Boston 2015

I was invited out to Anime Boston as a featured artist of the show. It was my first time at Anime Boston, and my goodness was it an amazing time! They do shows a little differently than how we do [...]


Convention Report: Chicago Fan Fest 2015

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the first annual Chicago Fan Fest, hosted by Wizard. It was a fun two-day show in Rosemont at the convention center, and people [...]


Convention Report: Anime Milwaukee 2015

Valentine’s Day weekend I spent with some of the most awesome convention attendees, staffers, and volunteers a guy could ever hope to work with – much less actually get to work with! [...]


Convention Report: Kollision Con 2015

My first convention of the year is a show I wasn’t able to do last year because of the wedding, but I was super looking forward to doing. Not only is it a fun time, low-key with lots of [...]