Convention Report: Wizard World Minneapolis 2016 (part 1)

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As convention season heats up, we’re continuing our coverage of the shenanigans I have going on at cons (and appearances) throughout the country. Next stop: Wizard World Minneapolis!

Wizard was kind enough to invite me out to be a guest at this show, which was a first-time event for me. I always get giddy when it comes to first-time cons, since it’s a new crowd (and you’re never quite sure how well you’ll do…but you know you’ll have a ton of fun talking about the work). But it was also the same weekend as an anime convention in the hotel, which had also reached out to me to lead some panels at night after the Wizard show had ended for the day. I had the added benefit of seeing some old friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time who are local to Minneapolis, so all of these things were leading up to an amazing weekend filled with comics, friends, and fun!

I took a half-day from work to catch my flight at O’Hare, which took much less time to get to than I had thought. After a few hiccups trying to figure out where my gate was, I eventually settled in for an uneventful flight (and watched a few episodes of Orphan Black to help pass the time, since I get motion sick if I write or read while traveling). I landed and took a cab to the hotel, and immediately settled in for some dinner and unwinding. I ran into my good buddy (and anime guest) Greg Ayres, and we had a few drinks out on the patio before mutually calling it a night.

Adult beverages to unwind before the con

What do you do to pass the time when traveling? How do you typically unwind before or after a con?

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