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Perhaps this is the changing point for Sophia that turns her from the badass that we’ve seen in this story into the sweet wife and mother that we saw in flashbacks in the original story? Perhaps not. There’s another Sophia story that I want to tell sometime after this about her meeting with the swordsman.

I’ll be honest, I was crying when I wrote this sequence. It was a very emotional thing to write. Sophia is so helpless right now, doing the most that she can – but the car can only move so fast, and her sister is clearly coughing up blood. A lot of blood.

In the script I envisioned Sophia with her eyes closed and her mouth open wide screaming the last line, but unfortunately we weren’t able to make those changes in time. Perhaps in a collected edition?

I’m in pre-production right now for the first two @$$hole! collections, which should be available later this year. My goal is to have them done before my speaking engagements in the late summer at a few conventions, and then get more of them printed next year for con season. However, let’s take a poll: anyone here who might be interested in a Temple collected edition?

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