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Comic Review: Bloody Pulp (Zuda)
Writer: Jorge Vega
Artist: Jeff McComsey
Plot: This is the house that Pulp built and the house rules are simple: NO ONE LEAVES. Ever. BLOODY PULP is the story of John “Pulp” Polpowski, a nightmare for hire who leads a dangerous double life — secretly moving the men and women he’s been paid to kill to a remote safe house far from the syndicate controlled streets of 1930’s Kansas City.

The 8 page preview is available on, and is currently ranked in the #1 spot (but it’s a tight race for #1). Jorge is a personal friend of mine, and an amazing writer. His first graphic novel, Gunplay from Platinum Studios, was fantastic and the fact that he was not given the opportunity to finish the trilogy is a tragedy. His other works from Two Fisted Press include Ghost Village and 9-Months.

The set up for this comic (the 8 page preview) is absolutely gruesome and fantastic. And in order to win the competition, Jorge needs your votes and faves! Unfortunately, this requires signing up for the free comic service that is (not because it’s a bad service, but because it requires about 1-2 minutes of your time). Fortunately, it gives you access to a boat-load of free web comics that are professionally done and allows you to support what you like. And that support could help land someone (cough cough, Jorge Vega, cough cough) a paying gig supplying more pages for Bloody Pulp on

So do me (and Jorge) a favor, and go sign up and vote / fave the comic already! Because I want to know how this thing ends. And if you read the free 8 page preview, then you will too!

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