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Nominate TrevorAMueller.com in the 2009 Web Comic List Reader’s Choice Awards (no need to sign up, but it helps if you put in some info so they know you’re not a spambot). I’d take any nominations, but I’m specifically looking for:

– Best Writing
– The Innovation Award
– Best Supporting Character – Susie (or the crazy cat lady…or the waiter)


The first page for the new story, Assassin. No worries if it’s doesn’t make sense yet – this story starts in the middle and fills in the gaps.

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  • Albone

    Sharp looking art. Looking forward to more and to find out what the hell is going on!

  • Trevor

    Ah yes, this story (like the original story) takes place “in medias res,” or “in the middle of things.” More will be made clear as the story progresses.

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