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It’s been a hellish week at work. I got sick on Tuesday, but had so much left to do that I opted to work from home (in between bouts of vomiting in the bathroom). I left better the next day and went into work early to finish up work stuff…and stayed until 11pm. Then last night when I was going to get comic stuff done, I had to stay until 9:30pm to finish an emergency project for the next day.

When I got home i just passed out on the couch.

So sorry that there won’t be a comic update today. This is the first update that I have missed in 2009, and my goal was to miss none. I’m not going to beat myself up because I know that the circumstances were grim, but still – it’s hard not to be disappointed when I was so close to accomplishing the goal.

Comics next week. I’ll bust ass this weekend to get everything done that I can.

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