Movie Review: Fido

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Movie Review: Fido (2006)
Director: Andrew Currie
Cast: Carrie-Ann Moss, Billy Connolly, Dylan Baker
Plot: Fido is the classic story of a boy and his dog – only in this case, his dog just so happens to be a zombie. And not a zombie dog, but a zombie person.

Hold on, allow me to back up here. The time is Leave It to Beaver era 1950s, and the world has been over taken by the zombie apocalypse. In an effort to protect society, humanity has gathered into suburban camps with tall fences to keep the zombies at bay. However people can still turn into zombies inside the fence when they die or have accidents. Since space for graveyards is limited, the people have turned these zombies into servants, doing the undesirable jobs. To keep their human flesh desires in check, each zombie is fitted with a neck collar to suppress their hunger.

Enter Fido (Connolly), an older zombie who joins the Robinson family. Timmy, the little boy of the family, begins thinking of Fido as a pet. One day, Fido’s neck collar is damaged and he accidentally turns the old lady neighbor into a zombie. Of course, all hell starts to break loose from there and the result is one of the cutest zombie movies since – well, I don’t know when.

Fido is excellent on all fronts, from the classic Disney-esque story about a boy and his dog to the trials and tribulations of life. All under the guise of a zombie movie. The performances in the movie are very fitting. It’s the kind of movie that you don’t really want to see end.

If you like 1950s cinema, comedy, or zombie movies, then I highly recommend Fido.

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