Temple: Assassin 20

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As Marielle and Seymour try to make it out of the market, Marielle tries to put the pieces together. However, she may not have enough pieces to figure out the conspiracy herself (but by this point, you all should). What we don’t know is how Seymour fits into the mix.

But we will.

Check out the latest page here.


The blogs are continuing to update with review for comics, movies, and games. I have some big projects looming overhead (not to mention the ambitious convention schedule I have for myself this year), which I can’t exactly talk about yet (but you know me – I always love to tease). My next show will be ACEN the weekend of May 14-16, and I’ll be a guest of honor this year. I have some fun panels lined up, plus I’ll be selling books, prints, and sketch cards. I’ll also have free bookmarks to give out to everyone who likes to read. For those of your who don’t like to read, the bookmarks are a dollar.

(Just kidding)

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