@$$hole! has updated, and so has my ACEN panel schedule

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Hey gang, the people at ACEN have been kind enough to let me know some of the panels that I’ll for sure be on at this show. There may be more appearances coming, but for now I’ll certainly be at these – and you should be too!

-1-2pm: Opening Ceremonies

-5-6pm: Marketing and Advertising your Comics: Doing what you love and following your passions can be hard. Trevor Mueller has two successful webcomics, The Temple of a Thousand Tears and @$$hole!, and he still works a daytime job in an advertising company. Who better to ask than him about advertising and marketing your comics?

-11am-12pm: Trevor Mueller and the Panel that Shall Not be Named!: What ever shall I be talking about during this panel? Could be goofy con stories, could be writing advice, could be something embarassing that happened the night before – there’s only one way to find out!

-5:30-6:30pm: How to Create a Webcomic: Have you ever thought about starting up your own webcomic, but you don’t know where to start? This panel will cover the basics of whether or not to use webcomic hosting sites, positives and negatives of working with others, and why every comic should have a script to accompany it.

-10-11am: Reading With Pictures: Guests Russell Lissau, Josh Elder and Trevor Mueller will talk about their latest exciting project, the READING WITH PICTURES anthology and the organization that bears its name. “RWP: Getting comics into schools and schools into comics…”


Also, @$$hole! updated with a brand new page. Be sure to check it out!

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