@$$hole!: Closing Time 2

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Susie and Anthony, two people who absolutely hate each other but are forced to work together – and now close together. Anthony has a party after they finish closing, so you’d think that he’d have an incentive to get out of there early. But something keeps him there. Perhaps a false sense of obligation, perhaps a false sense of authority. Who can say what goes through that guy’s head.

Right now, it’s clearly the sauce. And I don’t blame him. I also enjoy a good stiff drink.

This weekend I’m attending a post-ACEN party out by O’Hare at a forest preserve. The show was fantastic, and part of that was the people who put it on – so I’m going to hang out with them again! It’s going to be awesome! Assuming, of course, that the weather stays nice. Pictures will hopefully follow, and maybe even a comic from it.

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  • Rivs

    Are you going to be at Cyphen at the end of the month?

  • trevor

    I will be a guest at Cyphan, actually. I’ll have a few panels (one Friday and one Sunday, I believe) and will be selling my wares on the floor in the meantime.

    You should stop by and say hi!

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