@$$hole!: Scheming

While I’m away at conventions (or even sometimes at work), I wonder what goes through the mind of my cat. Sure it’s probably worse when I leave for a weekend to attend a con (like I [...]


Temple: Assassin 26

It’s smoochy time!


@$$hole!: Cyphan 2010

I’m attending Cyphan this weekend out in Wheeling, Il. The show’s at the Westin, and I’ll be speaking on Friday and Sunday. It’s going to be a fun time, so show up and say [...]


@$$hole!: Absent Minding

So I wanted to somehow make a comic about the new camera that I got. But I didn’t have a working camera to take pictures of myself…holding my new camera. Possibly making love to it. [...]


Temple: Assassin 25

Did Syemour really bomb that cathedral? We find out today!


@$$hole!: The Dreamer

This was a guest strip that I did for my good friend Lora Innes, who does a kick-ass comic called The Dreamer for IDW (and her website, of course). The comic is great, and the first 6 issues are [...]


@$$hole!: Closing Time 3

Many readers are probably going to be a little ticked at me for the end of this story arc, but it’s a direction that I’ve wanted to go for a while now. I’ve been teasing about [...]


@$$hole!: Closing Time 2

Susie and Anthony, two people who absolutely hate each other but are forced to work together – and now close together. Anthony has a party after they finish closing, so you’d think [...]


@$$hole!: Closing Time 1

The closing time mini story arc starring Susie and Anthony. I’ve had a plan for Susie’s adventures as a barista, and this story arc is only the beginning. I’m attending a lot of [...]


@$$hole!: Insecurities

Being in the dating pool again, there are a lot of insecurities – especially since I hadn’t had the time to work out at all since last year. While these are legitimate fears, [...]

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