@$$hole!: Scheming

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While I’m away at conventions (or even sometimes at work), I wonder what goes through the mind of my cat. Sure it’s probably worse when I leave for a weekend to attend a con (like I did this previous weekend), because when I get home she becomes noticeably more cuddly.

For a while, anyway. Then she goes back to blowing me off and doing her own thing.

Waffles, I know my body pillow (which she’s turned into her own personal bed) is very comfortable, but wouldn’t you also be comfortable up on the couch draping over my lap? I could pet you…. 🙂

But no, she goes and does her own kitty things.

My claim to fame is that I’ve taught her how to play fetch. Sort of. She brings me her favorite toy (currently a pink plush mouse toy) and drops it near me, and then looks away. It’s her way of saying, “Oh, how did that get there? I could play with you, if you wanted to throw it…but we don’t have to.”

But as soon as I pick the thing up, she’s ready to chase it.

My cat’s quite the goof. But she’s also quite lovable.

When she’s not scheming to destroy me, of course. 😉

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