@$$hole!: Convention Season 14

The convention season story arc is coming to a close, and sadly it’s running into Black Friday (today). No doubt there’s a line circling the block around every big box retailer and [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 13

Sometimes at conventions you get to chatting with your neighbors, who more often than not are either your buddies or become your buddies. Or they’re those obnoxious bastards with [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 12

Russell and I have been friends for a number of years, and have been attending most of the same conventions for the past few years. We have a running gag from a sci-fi conventions we went to [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 11

The fight between Alan and Trevor concludes! **SPOILERS** Alan wins the day because, in the end, he brought a water bottle to a fist fight. Throughout technology superior technology has usually [...]


Video Game Review: Heavy Rain

Video Game Review: Heavy Rain (2010) Platform: PS3 Developer: Quantic Dream Official Website: www.heavyrainps3.com Plot: Ethan Mars is an architect with two sons, a pretty wife, and the perfect [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 10

The fight between Alan and Trevor continues. Doing a spontaneous fight scene isn’t as easy as it sounds. With a comic, you want the action to be dynamic and interesting – but @$$hole! [...]


Movie Review: Morning Glory

Movie Review: Morning Glory (2010) Director: Roger Michell Cast: Rachel McAdams, Patrick Wilson, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Jeff Goldblum Plot: Becky (McAdams) is an executive producer of a [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 9

At conventions, bathroom breaks tend to need to happen. If you’re sharing a table or near a friend, this isn’t often a big deal. Even when you both have to go at the same time, you [...]


Convention Report: Mid Ohio Con 2010

This was the 30th anniversary of Mid Ohio Con, the second time I’ve attended the show, the first time I’ve attended as a guest…and also my birthday weekend. So there was a hefty [...]


@$$hole! Convention Season 8

It’s important for creators to be passionate about their projects – otherwise, who would promote the work in the first place? Sure, once you’re established your fans can help [...]

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