@$$hole!: Convention Season 12

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Russell and I have been friends for a number of years, and have been attending most of the same conventions for the past few years. We have a running gag from a sci-fi conventions we went to where two women cosplayed as Viper Pilots from the original 1970s Battelstar Galatica (not the remake series). We thought this was pretty awesome. At the costume contest at the end of the first night, being the single guy I am, I went up and spoke with the girls – who were really quite cool. They were the highlight of the show, and Russell and I have made a running joke. Whenever a show’s not going our way, we always say, “This show would be better with Viper Pilots.”

And of course, it’s true.

I have a lot of running gags with my convention friends, and sometimes when I’m speaking on panels I’ll reveal a few of them. If you ever get to attend an “Evening with Trevor Mueller” or a similar titled panel at a show, I’ll usually tell some of the more hilarious ones. Like a run in with Mark Silvestri or some hilarious Christopher Walken jokes.

I’m putting my convention schedule together for 2011, but if you’d like me to attend a show near you be sure to reach out to the convention and have them invite me as a guest. I love to travel, and love to meet fans the world over. Doesn’t even matter if you’re a fan of my own work – if you’re a fan of something, I think I’d enjoy meeting you.

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