Making of Junkyard Chase 9 – The Collaborative Process (final pages)

 In writing

So Jeong and I agreed on the layout pages, and now was the time for him to move onto the pencils (and eventually, the finished pages).

So Jeong went to work, and this is where the role of writer changes slightly to the role of “project manager.” You check in with Jeong, see if there are questions, review the work as it comes in and provide any feedback – but at this point, changes should be pretty minimal, since we’ve already done our heavy lifting changes in the earlier stages.

Since our earlier conversations had been detailed and Jeong understood exactly what I was going for in the story, getting to the final pages was very quick and easy.

So after all of this work is compiled, he sent over the .jpgs to check out and approve the final artwork. Upon approval, he sent the finished hi-res files ready for me to take to the printer. Below is an example of Page 3 in it’s final form.

Now that I had received the final pages, since I was self-publishing this comic, it was time for me to get to work on finding a place to print this thing. There are several places to look (a few defaults I have that make the process quicker for me), and we’ll be reviewing that next time.

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