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Started putting together all of the work for my April shows already, and decided I would put together a showing of the books in one consolidated place. All of these fine books will be available for purchase at my various conventions throughout the year (see sidebar on the right with the full convention list).


@$$hole! Volume 1: No Pants Tuesday:
Ever had a roommate from hell? Well, Trevor has that – literally! His demonic roommate, Susie, only wants to watch TV, be lazy, and capture the souls of every human on the planet. Is it possible for these two to live together, or will their adventures result in one of their untimely demises? Nominated for multiple awards, this tongue-in-cheek series is full of hilarious pop-culture references, kleptomaniac gnome kings, and adolescent humor.
Written and illustrated by Trevor Mueller

Albert the Alien is Using the Hall Pass:
The foreign exchange student from another planet is back! This time, Albert has to use the bathroom, but the school bully has other plans. Can Albert subdue the bully, avoid the hall monitors, and make it to the rest room before the end of class?
Includes the full adventure, a copy of the script, character designs by the artist, several activity pages, and so much more!
Written by Trevor Mueller, Art by Eisner-winner Gabriel Bautista


@$$hole!: Laura’s 21st Birthday:
The story of a slacker so lazy he forgets his girlfriends birthday. Now with the help of his demonic roommate, Susie, he must overcome his fear of shopping to find her the perfect gift to make up for his failings. And where does their adventure take them, but to the most horrific place on the planet: the mall!
Written and illustrated by Trevor Mueller

Junkyard Chase:
When a puppy sneaks into the local scrapyard, it’s up to robo-security to escort them out. However, junkyards can be a very dangerous place – even for the robots who work there. Can robo-security perform their duty and get the puppy to safety? In the vein of a Wylie Coyote cartoon, this comic is a fun adventure appropriate for all ages. Also includes a script and the page layouts, so creators can see how a comic is made.
Written by Trevor Mueller, Art by Jeong Mo Yang

Reading with Pictures Volume 1:
Collecting 37 all-ages stories from award-winning talent like Jill Thompson, Raina Telgemeire, Fred Van Lente, and many more. This collection is perfect for educators, parents, or kids who love reading! This anthology benefits the RWP non-profit, working to get comics in the classroom and features the first appearance of Albert the Alien! Bored by learning about dinosaurs in a textbook, Albert wisks his class back in time where the teacher is promptly stolen by a pterosaurs. Can Albert save the teacher and get his class back to the present before they all get in trouble?

Hope: The Hero Initiative:
The only anthology benefiting the Hero Initiative non-profit, which gives money to out of work comic creators. 28 stories in all from many talented comic professionals. My story in the anthology is called “Inspiration,” and is about a boy who has been diagnosed with cancer and has been blogging about his experiences. During a “bad day,” he receives a series of comments on his blog from dedicated readers, telling stories about how this boys battle with cancer has inspired them to be real-life heroes.

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