@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 15

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Seriously, I love fortune cookies. You wouldn’t know it if you came over, because I have SO MANY OF THEM!

I’m not joking, they are over-flowing out of a bowl I have on top of my microwave. I’m told they go stale after a while – and even if that is true, it’s not like the fortune is any less valid.

I poked fun at fortune cookies previously so it just made sense to keep the joke going. Honestly, I would never add fortune cookies to a veggie dish…at least, none that I make currently. Although I do enjoy that crunch texture and sweet bit of wisdom with every bite, I doubt they would compliment steamed greens with Asian sauce.

Any cooking lover out there probably has an impressive spice and sauce rack (or fridge door), and I’m no exception. I have like 2 whole shelves in my kitchen developed to spices, and have recently started to grow (kill?) my own basil and other herbs. I really dig fresh herbs, so I want to get more plants, but I have two things working against me:

1) My black thumb
2) My cat, who will possibly eat the plant, but definitely spill the contents over and play in the soil

Anyway, only one more page left in this story arc! Have a great weekend!

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