@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 15

Seriously, I love fortune cookies. You wouldn’t know it if you came over, because I have SO MANY OF THEM! I’m not joking, they are over-flowing out of a bowl I have on top of my [...]


@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 14

Despite the zucchini’s best efforts, Trevor walks away with all of his fingers in tact. And surprisingly no blood to clean up after that disaster last page. Wouldn’t it be great if [...]


@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 13

Ah fun with blood. I miss putting blood effects into my other webcomic series, The Temple of a Thousand Tears. It was always fun to see how over-the-top violent it could get. Of course, that [...]


@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 12

Oh yes, you know where this is going….hilarious! Had a great weekend at a wedding and then hitting up the Ren Faire, so expect to see those pictures show up in future story arcs. Should be [...]


@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 11

This was a fun page to try out. A different layout. I was a little worried about being able to see the knife, and I played with the layout a few times before settling on this one. Still not 100% [...]


@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 10

Because seriously, how strange is it for a grown man to be making out with a vegetable? It was funny to shoot, and hopefully funny to read. So my life has been extremely busy lately. More busy [...]


@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 9

Originally I was going to take this in a different direction. But then once the idea popped into my head to have a seductive veggie, I just had to run with it. It was a very funny idea – to [...]


2011 Harvey Awards

As many of you know, in my free time I work as the marketing director for The Reading with Pictures, a non-profit organization working to get comics in the classroom. The organization has been [...]


@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 8

Tomatoes are a very tasty and delicious treat…but when I was making dinner on the night we were doing this photo shoot, I couldn’t help but play with my food. I had an extra panel at [...]


@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 7

Continuing the making fun of Michael Bay (and now George Lucas, because if I ever get going on a rant on him it’ll never end). Seriously, I don’t understand how these movies made so [...]