@$$hole!: Phone Call 3

 In web comics

This is a real conversation. But not a real phone call.

I was having a conversation with Beth about our weekend activities, and she wanted to go out and do something. And I’m telling myself I’m only 4-5 hours away from the end of this game. And I’m into it. Really into the game. The story had finally grabbed me and the gameplay had immersed me and I was the savior of the Wasteland.

So when Beth said she wanted to do this other thing, I said I wanted to finish the game. When she asked for a rationale, I broke into the rant you see above you.

But of course you can’t make a joke about recanting the plot of the game, so we use it to segue into the next page.

Which is my segue into the next page…which updates on Friday. 😛

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