@$$hole!: Haunted Cabin 12

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Running gag!

Ha ha, I haven’t done a running gag since Laura’s 21st Birthday. But never before on a photo comic. It was fun to shoot.

The exterior shots of this story arc are in a very pretty state park in Indiana, and the lushness of the green is one I haven’t seen since visiting Ireland. It was just….green. Vibrant and everywhere. So finding an open area to do a running gag like this was difficult to say the least. Difficult, but not impossible.

So the new book is finished, two drafts, and currently in the process of selecting a printer so I can have this thing in hand for my first convention of the year.

Speaking of conventions, the 2012 schedule posted earlier this month. Currently doing 8 shows this year, my first will be a great local anime show called Anime Milwaukee. I always have a lot of fun at this show, and I get to hang out with some great guests. Alan Evans will be joining me again this year, and we put on a pretty awesome Making Webcomics panel. In fact, you can see the panel we did last year on youtube (or below).

Anyway, I’m going to get back to work on the book – specifically, getting it off to the printers so it can be completed on time. Have a great weekend!

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