@$$hole!: Haunted Cabin 28

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This would definitely not be the way I would want to end my weekend. Just saying.

This page took a lot of time to put together, but man oh man was it a lot of fun to do. And I think it turned out great. The trick with this page was to figure out a way to make it look like I was getting sucked into a large cartoon portal. But obviously I wasn’t working with a green screen or any wires. So it involved a lot of manipulation in photo shop to combine several elements to make it into the page you see before you.

Plus, the faces of Devil-T and Angel-T are hilarious. Just saying.

There’s still plenty more to come – although this story arc wraps up in just 2 more pages. However, there’s kind of a game-changing ending here that should leave you with that fun horror movie feeling. The dread. The horror. The knowledge that this has only just begun.

Although, I may not spin this off into 13 sequels that have more horrible acting as they go. Although, as they come out directly to DVD, they do contain more and more nudity. Like a crappy horror sequel should!


I have a few convention appearances in April:

C2E2 (Chicago, IL – April 13-15)
Chicago’s own C2E2, complete with publishers and celebrity comic creators. And celebrities. And if you want to see a certain bald comic creator who isn’t named Grant or Brian, be sure to stop by the Reading with Pictures booth to check out the work and buy a book or two. I’ll also be doing some children’s programming, and premiering the new book: Albert the Alien!

ACEN (Rosemont, IL – April 27-29)
My favorite show of the year, and some of the most fun you’ll have all year. I’ll be a guest of honor at the show, doing panels throughout the weekend and hanging out at my table by artist alley when not there. There are tons of awesome guests at this show, and the events are non-stop. Seriously 24 hours of awesome. If you like anime, comics, or just having a fun time, you need to be at this show!

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  • Anna

    I love your face. Hilarious. Congrats on all of your hard work leading to its inevitable conclusion.

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