@$$hole!: Gnome King Rules 6

 In web comics

Old Money and New Money, Gnome King style. He’s officially infiltrated the support characters from this comic.

Now, I do feel bad I haven’t used these guys in a while. Not having owned a car in over 3 years (because I take public transit everywhere), I haven’t had a ton to complain about when it comes to big oil. Yet, I love these characters. They are absolutely terrible people. And they don’t think they’re in the wrong at all. It’s pretty funny to me.

I’m still recovering from an amazing time at C2E2. The new book, Albert the Alien, was a huge success – and there will be many more great announcements about Albert in the coming months. RWP sold like hot cakes, and it was awesome hanging out with my friends – the greatest people on this planet. More posts about C2E2 will be going live soon enough. In the meantime, while I continue to recover from a fun show, enjoy the comics and thanks for all the support!

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